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Fiber Laser Marking Machine


The machine adopts fiber laser source and speedy galvanometer scanning system. High quality of laser beam, long service time and stable equipment performance exempts maintenance. The marking is non-touched process, permanent effect, humanized operation and stable running. 24-hour non-stop running makes it meet the demand of massive on-line and off-line industrialized production. AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop compatible, PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPE etc supportive.

Technical Parameters:



1. Easy operation.

2. High quality laser beam to contribute a fine product.

3. Ultra-fast speed, accurate and permanent etching.

4. Low power consumption.

5. Mature technology avoids maintenance.

6. Two years warranty.

Applicable Fields:

The machine is widely applied in electronic and communication area, it can mark on multifarious parts of autos, hardware, apparatus, sanitation, plastic surface, lood packaging, jewelry, exact instrument etc. It is suitable to do legion domanial figure and literal marking.


We offer free two-years warranty and durable maintenance & repair support for the purchased machines. Within the warranty time, we are responsible for the cost-free repair once the equipment fail or the machines break down(except human factor and majeure cause) and we shall offer the replacement parts for free(except consumed parts). During the non-warranty time, we just charge the flat cost based on actual cost of repair.

Portable marking machine


Desktop marking machine


Size of desktop marking machine


Nameplate and tool marking

Jewelry,ceramic and keyboard marking

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